Thoughts on Vick to the Eagles

So, Michael Vick has landed with the Philadelphia Eagles. My first thought was I’m glad he’s not in NE. Maybe I still have a little nervousness about the “genius” of Belicheat, but when I heard he may go to the Patriots, I thought he may be the extra wrinkle that puts them over the top. Of course, given the team they had two years ago, they shouldn’t really need that extra wrinkle. But, anyway, I think that the Eagles is a good landing place for Vick on many fronts.

First, it’s a solid organization that I think will give Vick the structure needed to help keep him out of trouble. You have a mature veteran QB in McNabb, who, I think, will be a good influence on Vick if he’s willing to allow him to be. Yeah, I know, Donovan has had his issues, but for the most part he has handled several very stressful situations over the last few years. He has shown signs of stress at times, but overall, I think he’s handled most of them very well.

Second, you have Andy Reid as coach. I don’t know of another coach that will take the media circus expected to follow Vick and make it more boring. Expect the media to ask many questions about Vick but get very un-newsworthy answers. So, I think the media circus will die faster with Reid answering the questions than just about any other coach in the league. Also, I saw a little bit of a statement that Reid made last night on it, and he made mention of his sons’ legal issues. He said that he feels like he can understand Vick’s situation better, having gone through it already with his own family, to an extent.

Finally, on the football front, one thing that the Eagles have lacked for years is a running game. I think that Vick will be a good fit, not as a running back, per se, but as an athlete who can augment the running game when he’s in there. And, since Andy Reid seems to prefer passing it so much, having a “Wildcat” package where Vick can run or throw makes a lot of sense. Vick may play very much of a Kordell style Slash role for the Eagles as he attempts to resurrect his career as a quarterback.

So, good luck, Vick, and keep yourself out of trouble.


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