Season Reviews Informational Post

Since I am planning to write a season review of every NFL team, I finally wised up and decided to put together an informational post for this series. As I’ve already said, these posts will follow a pretty much set formula. So, instead of writing that formula in every post, I will put it down here and link to this post from now on. For any of you who are interested in multiple teams, this will remove some of the redundance from each post.

The formula for these posts is described in this paragraph. First, we will look at the team’s Offensive and Defensive values and ranks for total yards, points, passing and rushing. This will give a general feel for the team’s season. Next, we have four tables that contain the following information:

  • Table 2: Subject team’s points scored and points allowed for each game
  • Table 3: Subject team’s total yards gained and allowed for each game
  • Table 4: Subject team’s passing yards gained and allowed for each game
  • Table 5: Subject team’s rushing yards gained and allowed for each game

 These values are compared with the respective opponent’s corresponding season averages, with the differences between the team’s value and the opponent’s average calculated. Finally, we have the sum of the differences for the entire season. This is equal to the cumulative difference between the team’s performance and their opponents’ averages.

For each post, Tables 2-5 contain the respective data described above. For each table, I have subtracted each opponent’s average from the team’s value for that game. For example, in Table 2, we have the subject team’s points scored minus the opponent’s average points allowed and the subject team’s points allowed minus the opponent’s average points scored. For the Diff1 column, a positive number would be good and a negative number is bad. Conversely, for the Diff2 column, a negative number is good and a positive number is bad.

That’s the background info, so now back to your team season review!



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